Multi-Room Audio: You Have Many Options

Why Choose a Whole House Audio system? Most people choose to have a whole house system because it allows them to take their music and audio with them regardless of which room they happen to be in at the moment. A full house system will enable you to carry on your life without being plugged into an iPod. You can have conversations with your children, spouse, and guests while listening to the ball game or your favorite tunes. What is on your honey-do list for this weekend? You have to clean out the garage. No problem. You can take your music with you. Do you have to do all of the yard work too? No problem, take the game outside and listen while you work. A whole-house system allows you to go about your life and still be able to do the things you want to do, like just listening to the ball game.

What are my Choices?

The two big choices are single-source systems or multi-source systems. Those can be set up as a wireless audio system or hardwired. The most significant difference is in the quality. The quality of the audio you receive goes up tremendously with professional installation. One consideration is the fact that every room in your home has different audio needs as each room responds differently to sound. A professional will be able to recognize the acoustic requirements of every room in your home.

Features include wall-mounted volume dials that allow you to instantly adjust the volume of your audio specifically for that room. Most systems will enable you to turn rooms on or off with a remote. No use waking your neighbors up at 3 am when you start to watch Jurassic Park, and the outdoor system is streaming dinosaurs fighting. Streaming music is another option with built-in iPod docking stations that allow the contents of your iPod to be played over your whole house system or multi-room audio system.


There is a variety of complete audio packages. These pre-configured systems include speakers, wire, keypads, and everything else you need to set up a multi-room audio system. You can build your system or allow one of our pros to help you select components that fit your audio needs. Start with an Amp and Keypad package or individual components. From there, you can add in power amplifiers to build a custom sound. Speaker selectors allow you to control which rooms receive audio and when. These will enable you to control the overall sound throughout your home. Speakers are another area where choice plays a large part in the quality you receive. A professional installation will allow you to add speakers in your ceiling and even add in-wall units. The type of speakers that you choose makes a difference. Wireless setups will enable you to broadcast audio without installing wires. These can afford an advantage to customizing speaker location. Abus Audio components allow seamless streaming of audio via Cat5 cables.

New Builds and Retrofit

It is easier to install a multi-room audio system during construction, but most of us are not building a new home. That means either using a wireless audio system or connecting wires. That is where a professional installer comes in handy. Not only do they understand how to run wires the correct way, they know where wires should go and how to hide them. They can also make sure that all of your components are installed correctly and that all systems are working. They can even give you an overview of how to use the system.

There are a lot of advantages to having a whole house system. The systems range from simple to complex, but the grade of sound should always be professional. When you decide, you want home audio to choose your components carefully. Working with a professional can make a massive difference in the quality of the sound you receive. Understanding that not every room in your home is going to respond the same way to audio is essential. By customizing speaker selection to each room, you gain a massive advantage in the quality of the sound that each room receives. No more popping and crackly connections. As you begin to explore all of your options feel free to ask for our guidance, we are always happy to answer your questions or show you what a component does.

Updated: March 24, 2020 — 5:45 pm

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