Easy DIY Decorating – Repairing Peeling Paint Spots

How to Repair Peeling Paint in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1. Find The Moisture

Before you tackle the problematic area it is essential that you first identify the source of the moisture. The usual suspects are leaky pipes, gutters and overhangs – once you have found what is causing the moisture problem you will need to repair or alter it so that the area is able to dry out. When the peeling area has had a few days to dry you will be ready to move on to step two of the redecorating.

Step 2. Remove the Paint and Treat the Area

Step two deals with removing the peeling paint and cleaning up the area ready for repainting. Using a suitable tool, such as a flat edge scraper, you will need to completely remove all paint around the affected area. To be on the safe side it is recommend by professional painters and decorators that you remove paint as much as 30cm or 12 inches away from the peeling area. You may need to use sandpaper or solvents after scraping to ensure that there is absolutely no paint remaining.

If you have used solvents then you should let the surface dry completely. If you are painting onto wood then it is now time to move to step three, if not then you can skip right to the final stage!

Step 3. Seal The Wood

To prevent a return of the problem it is best practice to seal the wood with a sealer, this can be found at your local painting and decorating store. Apply the sealer to the affected area as per the instructions on the tin. Most sealers require 4-6 hours drying time at a minimum, overnight is usually best. Sealers work by preventing the wood from absorbing any more moisture, which would cause yet more peeling.

Step 4. Repaint The Area

Once you have completed all the applicable steps then you are ready to repaint the area. For the best finish it is recommended that you repaint the entire area, however if you are skilled at blending paints then you may be able to paint only the affected area. If you are painting the exterior wall of your house than please ensure you are using exterior paints – interior paint simply isn’t hard wearing enough to endure the outdoor life.

Peeling paint can often indicate an underlying moisture problem and it is essential that this is rectified prior to any restoration project. If in doubt, contact a professional painter decorator for advice and assistance.

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