5 Great DIY Decorating Projects For the Home

There are many homeowners who like to do their own decorating projects themselves. Doing your own decorating projects is a great way to ensure that your own style and personality come through the decorating. Here are 5 great DIY decorating projects for the home.

1. Paint the Walls

Painting is by far the easiest yet most effective way to give a room a new look. The color of the walls is going to influence the decor of the whole room. Be sure that when you decide to paint the walls that you do it properly and prepare the walls as needed. This may mean filling in cracks and then sanding them down so that the wall is crack-free and smooth. It also involves a coat of primer and may involve a few coats of paint depending upon the color and the saturation of the wall.

2. Install Molding on the Walls

Molding is a great way to add a new touch to the walls. It can add some interest and appeal to an otherwise boring wall. You can install molding at the top of the wall such as crown molding or choose to go a different route and install a chair rail in the middle of the wall. You always want to paint or stain the molding before nailing it to the wall. You can always go back and touch up the nail holes with paint afterwards.

3. Personalize the Lampshades

If you can’t find the exact kind of lampshade that you want or you just want something that shows your style, then design your own lampshade. An easy way to do this is to take a white or cream colored lampshade and cut out figures or designs with dark paper such as black or red. Tape the paper to the inside of the lampshade and you have a designer lampshade that reflects your own personal style. You can also add items to your lampshade such as embellishments and ribbon to personalize it as well.

4. Make Your Own Artwork for the Walls

Even if you can’t draw or paint very well, you can still come up with your very own artwork for the walls. You just need to get creative and use items that you have. You can look for photographs, postcards, and book images to hang on the wall. Collages of items found in nature also work well for artwork pieces. An easy way to create your own artwork is to take a frame or blank canvas and wrap it in a patterned fabric to fit the style of the room. You can choose 2-3 different patterns and different sized frames and hang them in a cluster on the wall.

5. Make Your Own Window Treatments

There are many different non-sewing techniques to make your own curtains if you are not handy with a sewing machine or a needle and thread. Take a long silk scarf and drape it over a window curtain and you have instant interest around the window. You can also use such things as placemats and tablecloths for instant window treatments. If you do sew, there are plenty of patterns that you can find to make your own window treatments from whatever fabric you like.

A DIY decorating project doesn’t have to be difficult. These are just 5 of the many different projects that you can take on to decorate your home in your own personal style.

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