Essentials For A Spanish-Style Bathroom

If you love bright colors and intricately detailed patterns, you may want to think about designing your bathroom with Spanish influences in mind.

A Spanish-style room uses Mediterranean features and daringly combines them, producing an environment that is big on character and comfort. To achieve this beautiful interior design style, you may want to implement these bathroom elements:

Clawfoot tub

Clawfoot tubs are commonly seen in vintage bathrooms, but the freestanding tub is perfect for a Mediterranean design as well. Draw attention to this focal point by using bright elements, such as a sunny yellow bath mat, a lush green plant, or bold curtains hanging on the windows in the background.

Curved entryways

If you’re going through an entire bathroom renovation, you could think about altering your bathroom’s doorway. Arched doorways are conventional in bathrooms with Spanish influences. They’re a relic of Spain’s Moorish history. Uniquely shaped doors are a great way to invite guests into the Spanish sanctuary that is your bathroom.

Talavera tile

Using Talavera tile in your bathroom is an easy way to introduce beautiful designs and bright colors. These tiles are often hand painted and are synonymous with Spanish and Mexican interior design. Incorporate a Talavera backsplash behind your sink, or line the trim with several colorful tiles that match other hues throughout your space. Tile floors often dominate a classic Mediterranean hoe and are great for their durability and low maintenance. Opt for Talavera or choose from other common flooring materials such as limestone, marble, and terracotta.

Bright colors

One of the signature traits of Spanish design is bright, bold colors. Vibrant pinks, oranges, reds, and yellows can be used throughout your bathroom. However, if you want something more understated, it’s also appropriate to use earth tones like rusty oranges, various shades of white, and subtle olive greens. Choose two or three hues to use in your bathroom – one of the shadows should be the dominant color, and the rest of the shades can be used intermittently to complement one another.

Natural wood elements

Never underestimate the power of a rustic, weathered piece of wood. The natural material is used in Spanish-style bathrooms to evoke the charm of the outdoors and showcase the Mediterranean’s natural beauty.

Former “Blossom” star Joey Lawrence has a Spanish-style bathroom in his estate in Encino, Calif., and space is defined by rustic wooden beams lining the ceiling. Their red undertones create the perfect contrast to the white tiled floor.

Bring this warm, inviting feel into your bathroom with an old wooden ladder that can be used to hang linens, or with a wood-framed mirror for your vanity.

Updated: March 24, 2020 — 6:22 pm

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