Spice Up Your Decor With Indoor Water Fountains

You have probably seen indoor fountains in hotel lobbies, at posh restaurants, or spas and wondered if you could place them indoors at home, and the answer is, of course! The truth is that these indoor fountains can be used to spruce up your home decor. In fact, water fountains have quickly become a popular indoor accessory with almost every interior decorator to liven up the living room space.

Thanks to the internet, the prices of these fountains are now affordable, and the selection extensive. They are an instant hit among friends and family. Besides the aesthetic appeal, the soft sound of a spray can help you, and your family or company relax. They also act as a natural humidifier and purifier.

There are several designs, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Remember to choose one that suits your decor and also take into account the space considerations.
When it comes to indoor water fountains, basically, there are three types of designs—the tabletop variety, the wall-mounted styles, and finally, the floor-standing sprays. The tabletop fountains are magnificent to accessorize your table and can also be used in the bedroom or on a desk. The sound from these water fountains aren’t too distracting and hence are great desktop accessories as well.

If you find the tabletop variety to be too small, you could opt for the floor standing fountains. These are larger than the table fountains and are useful for an average home. The biggest misconception about these is that water spills from these water fountains, thus creating a mess. But if carefully handled, these are a great accessory and are built not to splash if you get an indoor rated fountain.

Wall-mounted fountains are fixed to the wall, making it appear as if the water flows from the walls. Some wall fountains hang like a picture if they are smaller where others come with mounting brackets and hardware that will attach to your wall for a secure mount. These usually have a steel or copper frame with the water either flowing over slate or glass. Sometimes the glass is shaped in the form of waves giving it a dramatic effect.
Whatever the design that you choose, the pleasure that’s derived by installing a water fountain cannot be denied. These manage to calm and rejuvenate you instantly. You could also use these to cut out the noise and chatter. You could buy these from online stores that sell them at affordable prices. For those who would love to customize their fountain, you could order for a custom-designed water fountain, albeit at a higher rate.

Updated: March 24, 2020 — 7:12 pm

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