Accent Lighting Is the Way to Go!

Using Accent Lighting to bring your landscape, or garden to life after the sun goes down is a beautiful way to be sure you, your family and your guests truly enjoy your outside wonderland at any time. Just picture having the family over or entertaining some friends, or just you and your special someone sitting out in the garden or on the patio for that matter enjoying a cocktail, all while taking in the true beauty of the wonderland of flowers and trees you have created. One of the best possible ways to highlight this beauty is with Accent Lighting.

Using Accent Lighting allows you to use specially placed lights to make the most beautiful parts of your garden or patio stand out. It is used to highlight beautifully manicured trees or flowers, but also any new furniture pieces you may want your friends to notice. Tree lighting can be very dramatic, but it can also be subtle, lighting the trunk of the tree, making it a beautiful sight to see.

Accent Lighting also lights up your garden and patio very nice. This is the best way to highlight your absolute favorite flowers or plants at night time. You can have low voltage lighting or go with something a little higher depending on how bright you want it. If you want to use low lights to just dim a walkway this can be a very beautiful addition to any garden or walkway you want to highlight at your home. If you have a fountain at your home Accent Lighting is a must. What a beautiful way to highlight such a breathe taking piece. Having company over is sure to be relaxing with this piece. The bubbling of the water and the beautiful lights. It’s a great way to make use of your outdoor areas, even after the summer weather is passed and it starts to get darker around dinnertime. If your house is anything like mine, these places of solitude are a great spot to have some much needed alone time after you get the kids to bed. I may need to throw on a sweater, but it’s worth it.

This little idea suits most any area, if you have a new home and you’re doing all of those finishing touches, or you have an older home and have decided to spruce up your area a little. This added true beauty to our patio, garden and surrounding areas. So give it a try and let us know how it looks. We love to hear feedback here at Not Just Porch Swings. Until next time!

Updated: May 22, 2020 — 9:48 pm

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