Caving in New York State

During July 1975, I drove a red 68 Mustang from Atlanta to Rochester, NY for a month of training with Eastman Kodak and was looking for something to do on the weekends. I found John Freeman who also worked for Kodak and he invited me on a caving trip for the weekend. I followed him […]

Pontoons and Pontoon Boats

Pontoons are floatation devices. They have buoyancy sufficient to support themselves, as well as a load. Pontoons are used on barges, airboats, seaplanes, rafts, and boats. If they support a house-like structure they are called a houseboat. If they are a fixed platform they are called a dock. There are different kinds of pontoon boats […]

The Art of Garden Designing

The difference between a bush, a forest and a garden lies in the layout. That is what separates a garden from a bunch of green trees and plants. Gardens are made to look beautiful and to add to the beauty of the surroundings. The gardens have drawn admiration for years, but a wonderfully inviting garden […]